Word Wall Words – Special Request

Yay!  Another set of words!  I am so excited to be able to offer a new set of Word Wall words!  This set does not add any new words to my original sets; however, it pulls together many words (125 to be exact) across the different sets into one group.  Please check it out in my store!

Please Note: All of my sight words in the various bundles (see below) match one another in size and style! Your word wall will match no matter which set your words come from! Feel free to mix and match! 😉

These colorful and easy-to-read words (125 in total) were created for a classroom word wall display. Each word is outlined so students have a visual representation of the word (i.e. which letters are tall, which hang below the base line, etc.). Between all bundles most of the words on the Dolch word list are included!

–> For ALL word wall words, click here!

–> For kindergarten word wall words, click here!

–> For first grade word wall words, click here!

–> For second grade word wall words, click here!

–> For extra word wall words, click here!

I hope you can use these in your classroom!

Also, please make sure you download our *FREE* Printing Tips by Classroom Canvas file to make sure the edges of the activities do not get cut off!


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