Was It Worth It?

After ten wonderful years, I have made a difficult choice to change schools, grade levels, curricula… OMG, what was I thinking??

As I watched my basement turn into my temporary classroom for the summer, I was reminded of this quote:

“If you want to get rid of stuff, you can always do a good spring-cleaning.  Or you can do what I do. Move.”      -Ellen DeGeneres

Too bad I forgot the part about leaving things behind when you move.

One of my *many* goals for myself this summer was to spruce up my FIVE bookshelves from my former classroom.  They were showing their age… by screaming it at the top of their lungs.  Let me just put it out there.  They were ugly.  *sigh*

HGTV to the rescue!  As I was delving into my new curriculum one beautiful summer day (WHHHYYYY???) with HGTV on to entertain me (bad idea), one commercial in particular caught my attention.  Here was the thought process:

“Gee, that lady looks so happy spray painting her wicker chair!  I could PAINT my icky shelves!  I can do it with SPRAY PAINT because it is obviously so easy, I mean, she covered that entire chair in about 5 minutes!  This independently informative, no hidden agenda, commercial is full of great ideas!”

So, I happily jetted off to my local hardware store to pick out some super bright, fun colors!  Based off of the happy lady who covered her chair with just a few sprays, I think one can for each of the (five… just in case you forgot) shelves should be MORE than enough!

I dragged my ever-loving husband into my project (as I so often do).  We happily put some plastic out on the lawn and grabbed the first shelf.

Hmmmm… the plastic is sticking to the sides of the shelf due to the grass.  Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.  The shelf is now on the back porch.  Ahhh, better.  Push spray button.  Interesting.  Why is paint flying through the air…towards my house…covering my fence…and heading for things I care more about than my crummy old shelves??!!??  Ack!

Fine.  Put up enough plastic to effectively laminate the house, porch, fence, etc.  Spray, spray, spray.  Hmmm… finger kinda hurts.  Ah, well.  Spray, spray, spray.  Hmmm… am I almost out of paint??  I am halfway through the TOP shelf!  Ok, just keep going. Spray, spray, spray.  And. It’s. Out.

Empty paint can.  One quarter of one shelf done.  Holy moly.  What have I gotten myself into??

Ok, TWELVE cans of paint, ruined clothes, lightly painted back porch and one NERVE DAMAGED FINGER (no joke) later…  Here is the result (yes, I know there are only four shelves in this picture, the 5th one was smaller and it didn’t fit in the picture as well as the others):

Was it worth it??  I have no idea…

Ask me in a few days.


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