Time Match {Activities and Center Games}

Having a fun and easy way to check student understanding of a skill is an important part of any classroom.  These cards can be used as a quick warm up, exit card or center!  See “How To Use” (below) for specifics!

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How To Use:

To prepare:  I typically print these out on different colors of card stock.  One color for analog time, a different color for the digital time and a third color for time in words.

As a Warm Up or Exit Card:  Split the class in half.  Give one half one set of cards (i.e. analog time) and give the other half another set of cards (i.e. digital time) and have them find their partner!  They LOVE this!  Reshuffle the deck and play again!  For more of a challenge, split the class into thirds and use the Time In Words cards!  While in their pairs or small groups, I have students tell their partner how they knew they belonged together.

As a center:

Play as a memory game:  Each set of cards is upside down in rows of cards with matching colors (i.e. all of the analog clocks are together).  Then have students try to locate matches.  For an extra challenge, give them all three sets (analog, digital & time in words).  To have a “match” they have to find all three cards!

Play as a matching card game.  Follow the rules of Go Fish – Pairs of students pick 4 cards from the whole set while the rest of the cards are upside down in a deck.  Each student asks their partner for a matching card.  The student with the most matches at the end of the game, wins!


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