Terms of Use

Thank you for purchasing our products!  Please review the following Terms of Use to understand our policy with how you can use our items.

Please keep in mind that I am a small business owner and am trying to protect my hard work.  Please be respectful and give credit where credit is due.  Thanks!

 Terms of Use:


The purchaser of these graphics and/or products may use them for personal, classroom, and/or commercial use.  This purchase allows for use by a single user ONLY.

All graphics must be secured in a PDF or secure document that only allows limited functions (such as saving or printing, but NO editing).

No additional license is required at this time (subject to change).

Purchasing these files does not transfer the copyright.   You are being granted permission for the copying and printing of the designs.

Credit and copyright information regarding the graphics MUST be included with items that are created and distributed by the purchaser either as free or for profit.  The following must be copied and pasted into the created file or provided with any hard goods containing these graphics:

Graphics © 2012 Classroom Canvas: www.classroomcanvas.com

Documents may be printed and used personally or in a single classroom.

Graphics, and documents containing these graphics, should be saved on a personal drive, not a network drive accessible by others.

Graphics and products many not be distributed or shared.  You may not email or transfer these products to a third party.

Reselling or redistributing the graphics is prohibited.

You may NOT:

-Claim any of our images as your own.

-Alter or change the graphics in any way and sell as your own.

-Repackage and sell items as part of a digital scrapbooking kit, clip art, etc.

Web Use:

You may use our graphics to enhance the look of your personal website, blog or online store.  Please include the following copyright information so it is visible somewhere on your homepage:

Graphics © 2012 Classroom Canvas: www.classroomcanvas.com


-You MAY sell/give away products containing our graphics in a secure PDF format (no editing), but please include the following copyright information within your product:

Graphics © 2012 Classroom Canvas: www.classroomcanvas.com

-You may NOT use our graphics to create any SMART Board/Promethean Board activities to SELL.


-You MAY use our graphics to create SMART Board/Promethean Board activities to use for your own PERSONAL use.

The Terms of Use are subject to change without notice and the current version applies to all current and previous purchases.

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