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{FREEBIE} Time: I Have…Who Has?

THANK YOU to my 100 followers and to everyone who has provided useful and positive feedback on my products! I truly appreciate all of the encouragement and kind words that have been shared with me along the way. Here’s my way of thanking you: A FREEBIE! Read more…


Popping Up For Number Words!

These awesome activities will help your students practice building number names for double-digit numbers! Check out my store on TpT!

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Building Fluency Within 10, 20

Building number fluency within 10 and 20 is a great way to hep students become more fluid with their thinking when it comes to addition and subtraction.   Read more…


Time Match {Activities and Center Games}

Having a fun and easy way to check student understanding of a skill is an important part of any classroom.  These cards can be used as a quick warm up, exit card or center!  See “How To Use” (below) for specifics!

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Number Lines

A number line is a great tool to help students understand the relationships between numbers in a variety of ways! Read more…


Place Value Mat

Here is a freebie you can grab at my store!

These mats were designed for use with base-ten blocks.  You can teach your students to use them in a variety of ways:

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