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SS Words & Definitions (Civics)!

Providing students with opportunities to take ownership of their own learning is always a goal of mine!  I have found that giving them meaningful (and colorful) things to use around the room to be the most effective.

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Schedule Cards (Create Your Own!)

Keeping a daily schedule is a great way to let your students know what is happening throughout the day; however, writing everything out on a daily basis can be time consuming!  Hopefully, this resource allows you to let your students know their schedule and saves you time in the process!

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Number Words & Digits

These words and digits can be used in a variety of ways.  All of the included words and digits can be used to make any number (0 – 999,999).

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Student Jobs

Student jobs are a great way to help students learn how to take responsibility for some of the many things that happen in a classroom on a daily basis.

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Writing Process Posters (+ Writing Traits)

Here is an item you can buy at my store!  Don’t forget to follow me to have access to new items, product updates, and store sales and discounts!

These posters are a combination of the writing process and the traits or writing.   Read more…