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{FREEBIE} Time: I Have…Who Has?

THANK YOU to my 100 followers and to everyone who has provided useful and positive feedback on my products! I truly appreciate all of the encouragement and kind words that have been shared with me along the way. Here’s my way of thanking you: A FREEBIE! Read more…


Popping Up For Number Words!

These awesome activities will help your students practice building number names for double-digit numbers! Check out my store on TpT!

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Building Fluency Within 10, 20

Building number fluency within 10 and 20 is a great way to hep students become more fluid with their thinking when it comes to addition and subtraction.   Read more…


Math Center Strategy Games

Are you ready for math centers that require only a little prep time and are fun and easy for students to play?  Here you go! Read more…


Time Match {Activities and Center Games}

Having a fun and easy way to check student understanding of a skill is an important part of any classroom.  These cards can be used as a quick warm up, exit card or center!  See “How To Use” (below) for specifics!

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Bingo Bundle Image

Bingo Bundle!

Yay!  The Bingo Bundle is HERE! Read more…


Clock Bingo!

Learning how to tell time in a variety of ways is an important skill for students to learn. This game is a great way to help your students practice this skill (plus, they will LOVE it!) Read more…


Money Bingo (+ Math Center!)

Teaching money can be challenging for many students; luckily, this game makes learning this concept FUN!  This 72 page book is filled with a variety of activities that you can use with students of all abilities. Read more…


Ten More, Ten Less {Winter Activities}

This 98 page set gives you everything you need to help your students practice identifying numbers that are 10 more or 10 less! The activities in this packet have the same games for both double-digit and triple-digit numbers. Read more…


Sweet Doubles

Aren’t doubles sweet?  These doubles and near-doubles center games and activities can be used in many ways!

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