Sweet Doubles

Aren’t doubles sweet?  These doubles and near-doubles center games and activities can be used in many ways!

There are enough activities to keep your students busy for days!  Check out my store to purchase this item! 

All activities include doubles and near-doubles (doubles +1).  There are a variety of ways for the activities to be differentiated for all levels of student abilities! Here are the activities that are included in this 63 page set!

  • Doubles Poem
  • Cupcake Concentration
  • Cutie Cupcakes (Locate & cover the doubles & near-doubles sums)
  • Super spinners (doubles & near-doubles)
  • Flash cards
  • Double Trouble (fact practice)
  • Skill practice activities
  • Yum (Bingo w/ 26 different game boards)
  • Answer Key

To use:  There are many activities that you can use in a variety of ways!  There are things you can do with the whole group, small groups, and individuals, as well as things you can use for centers or homework!

Doesn’t learning doubles make life sweet?

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