SS Words & Definitions (Civics)!

Providing students with opportunities to take ownership of their own learning is always a goal of mine!  I have found that giving them meaningful (and colorful) things to use around the room to be the most effective.

I loved making these word wall words and definitions because they were so bright and cheerful!  The reaction of my students when I pulled out the first one?  “Oooohh!  Pretty!”  That’s MY type of a response! 😉

These Social Studies words and definitions focus on civics vocabulary (rules, laws, government, etc.) and can be used to introduce or enrich a lesson.  Having a place where students can reference important words about your topic can assist them during their independent activities.

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Please download the FREE Preview file to see the words that are included in this file!  A list appears on the second page of the file so you can see each word.  Don’t see a word you need?  Don’t worry!  Send me an email  ( with your word and I will try to add it to the file and upload it FREE for all buyers!

To use:  In my classroom, I have a bulletin board dedicated to content vocabulary.  Whenever I introduce a new word, I have students add it to their Social Studies Personal Dictionary.

BONUS!  I have included in this package a FREEBIE of my Social Studies Personal Dictionary!  There are two different pages that you can copy an infinite number of times.  One page contains a place for students to write a word, definition and an illustration.  The second page contains a place for students to write a word, definition and to write a sentence using that word.

Also included is a blank card for you to add in words that are specific to your needs.  It is impossible for me to make it exactly the same as the others; however, it is pretty close!  Should you want it included in the set, just send me an email and I will see what I can do!

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