Student Jobs

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Student jobs are a great way to help students learn how to take responsibility for some of the many things that happen in a classroom on a daily basis.

Included in this set are 2 different titles (you can mix and match them to make it fit with your classroom theme), 18 student jobs and descriptions, as well as blank cards for student names.  In addition, there are blank job cards provided for you to write your own jobs, should you so desire.

To use:  Each job has a title, image, and matching description to assist students.  Print the pages out on card stock and laminate them for future use.  In my classroom, I cut out each square individually and hang them on a magnetic surface.  You could also use them in a pocket chart.  Write each student’s name on the small tags and put them next to each job.

For younger students (perhaps even older ones), change jobs once a week.  This way, students get a fair chance to do each one and coveted jobs will open up more frequently.  In addition, students may get “bored” with their jobs if they have them for too long.  Positive motivation is key!

Depending on the size of your class, several students may do one job.  For example, you may have two or more librarians.  You can easily put more than one students name next to each job.

Also, if you do not have a magnetic surface to put these on, I may suggest to glue the square with the job title onto a library pocket.  Students’ names can be written on an index card and then all you will have to do is move the index card each week.  If you have multiple students doing one job, just print out that title more than once and glue it on to multiple library pockets.

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