Schedule Cards

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Keeping a daily schedule is a great way to let your students know what is happening throughout the day; however, writing everything out on a daily basis can be time consuming!  Hopefully, this resource allows you to let your students know their schedule and saves you time in the process!

To use:  In my classroom, I printed these out on card stock and laminated them.  Then, I put magnets on the back of each item so they can be easily moved around.  I put them on my chalkboard so my students can see our schedule at all times.

I use the long blank pieces to write the standards we will be working on for that particular subject.  For now, I left the cards blank and am writing the objectives with a dry erase marker.  Many of them stay the same for several days!

There are plenty of cards you can type in to create your own schedule.  There are also some completed cards you can use, if you so desire!

This set includes:

  • 30 completed subject cards
  • Digital or Analog clocks (blank & editable)
  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Numbers to create the date
  • Complete set of blank cards for you to edit using the same font!

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