Place Value Mat

Here is a freebie you can grab at my store!

These mats were designed for use with base-ten blocks.  You can teach your students to use them in a variety of ways:

-representation of a number, composing & decomposing numbers, expanded notation, composing & decomposing a ten, one more/one less, ten more/ten less, & more!

Please add a comment to share ways you can use these in your classroom!

To use:  I typically print the pages back-to-back (tens & ones on one side, hundreds, tens & ones on the other).  This way, you can use the same mat and differentiate within your small groups.  I print them on brightly colored cardstock and laminate them so students can reuse them.  Whiteboard markers will wipe right off!  We use these all the time and a set can last several years, saving you time and money!

The first set is my “beginners” mat.  This is where I have students represent numbers and perform basic math functions (no regrouping).  The second set is for more advanced learners.  The boxes can help students visually see why regrouping is necessary and why we exchange for a ten (or hundred).  The tens & hundreds block at the top is where they put that block once it has been exchanged (when we “carry the one”).  The second mat also has a place at the bottom for students to write the number in expanded form (ex. 100+50+2= 152).

What other great ways do you have to teach place value to students?  Share your thoughts below!

A preview of the place value mat

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