Place Value Games

Check out my store to purchase this item for your classroom!  These place value games can be used in a variety (almost endless amount) of ways!  Please download the free preview file to take a look to see what is included in this file.

Typically, I print the cards out on different colors of card stock and laminate them for durability.  You can put each style card in a separate snack-sized baggie, then put the cards and direction cards in a gallon-sized baggie for storage.  Print out several sets for multiple students to play at one time.  The different versions allow you to differentiate your instruction for the variety of abilities within your class!

Included in this set:

  • Whole numbers (i.e. 1234)
  • Base Ten blocks (images)
  • Expanded form (1000+200+30+4)
  • Number words (one thousand two hundred thirty-four)
  • Place Value position (1 thousand, 2 hundreds, 3 tens, 4 ones)
  • Operation Cards (+/- 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 1000, <, >, or =)
  • Three different follow-up activities (Match It – Place Value Style, More and Less & Comparing Numbers)

To use:  As an individual or small group game, students can use the five different sets of cards in separate matching games. Students can match the whole number with the place value pictures or in expanded form, or with any of the other style of card.

I have also used these as a warm-up or exit card activity where I give half of the class one style of card and the other half of the class a different style of card.  Their job is to find their partner, then discuss and explain how they know they match.  This is a great way to have students work together and to discuss their ideas!

As a center or follow-up activity, students can use one of the games to play and write their answers on the included record sheets.  This can help you assess a student’s understanding of your objective.

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