Number Lines

A number line is a great tool to help students understand the relationships between numbers in a variety of ways!

There are two different versions of this product available in my store.  One set has 15 numbers per line the other 25.  Visit my store to purchase these items!

I use number lines all the time with my students!  Here are some of the concepts we work on where they come in handy:

  • Addition/Subtraction
  • 1 more/1 less
  • 10 more/10 less
  • Number relationships
  • Counting money

I have included a variety of number lines that can be used to differentiate your instruction.  Each page has five of the same number lines to make it easier when printing them out.  The number lines were created to be printed on LEGAL (8.5″ x 14″) size paper, although you can still print them out on letter size paper, too.

The first set has two different blank lines.  The first one has boxes for you (or your students) to fill in, while the second one is a blank line for students to use in their own way.  You can even write in your own numbers on the computer!

The second set has numbers 0-100 broken down into 26 sections (0-25, 25-50, 50-75, & 75-100).  These can be used individually or put together to create one large number line!  Just make sure to adhere the first number on your second line (i.e. 50) to the last number on your first line (i.e. 50).

The third set has the same numbers from the previous set (and can be put together in the same way); however, these numbers are color coded by odd and even.  This can help students identifying numbers that are odd/even, counting by twos, or for students need visual cues to help differentiate numbers that are next to one another.

The final set has the same numbers from the first set; however, they are color coded by fives and tens.  Each of those numbers are in pink, but there is an outline in yellow for those numbers that are tens to assist those students who need assistance counting by tens.

I hope these come in handy for you and your students!  Feel free to let me know how you use them in your classroom!

If you like these tools, please let us know!

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