Monthly Calendar {2013 – 2014}

Let’s get ready for next school year!! {ALREADY??}

Since we all end our school year at different times, we are all in different stages of our end of the year plans.  For those of us that are still in school in the middle of June (yes, that’s me!), the end of the year still seems a long way off!  However, there are other teachers that are already passing out end of the year gifts…

To honor those early birds, here is a calendar that is ready for June 2013 – August 2014!  This calendar is in a monthly format. Each month is a whole page (portrait) and each page has been maximized to give you the most space for the thing you want – your calendar!  Check this item out at my store!

I have included this file in a variety of formats to give you options!

– 1 large PDF file of all included months. You can type directly into this file and save what you type. If you prefer to leave the calendar blank, you can choose to do that!

– Individual PDF files (like the one listed above), so you can see just one month at a time.

– Individual .jpeg files of each month so you can insert it into your own document and use text boxes of your own text over top. (Due to the nature of this product, you may NOT use these images in a product you sell or give away! Thank you for respecting my work!)

You can use this calendar for a variety of needs:

– record daily student behavior
– keep track of your parent volunteers
– help students and parents stay up-to-date on classroom activities (homework, field trips, due dates, etc.), and much more!

Is there something else you would like to see included?  Feel free to send me an email @

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