Memory Book {End of Year}

A memory book is a great way to celebrate another end of a fabulous year together.  Giving students a chance to celebrate and remember the year with their class is an important way to say good-bye.

This memory book is great because it can be used for a variety of ages of students; you don’t have to worry if you are teaching a new grade level next school year!  Stop by my store to pick it up!

With this book you can use as many pages as appropriate for your students.  Please download the FREE Preview file to see what is included in this book!

Print out as many pages as you want for your students, then copy it for your students.  Just make sure to give them PLENTY of time to work on this – it might take them a while to finish!

If you don’t see something you want, please email me!  I would be happy to try to work with you!

I hope you enjoy celebrating the end of the year with your students!

Also, please make sure you download our *FREE* Printing Tips by Classroom Canvas file to make sure the edges of the activities do not get cut off!


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