Math Center Strategy Games

Are you ready for math centers that require only a little prep time and are fun and easy for students to play?  Here you go!  Just print out the game board onto card stock and laminate!  Each game also includes counters; however, it’s not necessary to use them.   You can use whatever counters you already use in your classroom (teddy bears, double-sided counters, unifix cubes, etc.)  Whenever the game gets worn out, just reprint – easy!!

There are six different strategy games included in this set and the games are engaging for a variety of student levels:

Don’t Get Caught:  Students try different strategies to remove pieces from the game board while trying to avoid being left with the last piece.

Grab Your Lunch:  Students play against one another by rolling two number generators (i.e. dice) and adding the sums.  They remove the piece matching that sum, while using probability to determine the best place for their pieces.

Four Below:  This game is similar to Connect Four® where students put pieces on the game board and build up.  The first person to get four in a row, wins!

No Germs Allowed:  Students avoid being “sick” by removing pieces from the game board while trying to avoid having to take the last piece.

The Great Space Race:  (a favorite of my students!)  The game is set up similarly to tic-tac-toe; however, they get to move pieces around until someone wins!

Star Power:  A game that is played by creating boxes out of stars!

I teach second grade and these games are a hit all year long; in addition, I taught first grade for nine years and used these games with them, too!  The focus of the games is mostly on strategy and the students enjoy trying new things each time they play.  I typically use these games when we are transitioning between topics/units of study because these games don’t require any new strategies to be able to play!


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