Generic Plan Books

Planning can be one of the most time consuming parts of an educator’s day. Finding the plan book style that works for you can be challenging. Keep yourself and your plans neat and organized with one of these plan books!

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Begin HERE to download the FREE preview file.  This file contains samples of each different planning set.  Choose the style that works best for you and purchase it from my store.

BONUS!  You are able to type directly into the PDFs and save your document.  You are also able to copy and paste any text you put into the boxes, saving you time!   If you prefer to leave the boxes blank (or parts of it), you have that option, too.  You can even use features such as “bold” and “italics” when you type.

Each style contains 4 weeks of each variety (one with categories and one completely blank). This gives you about one month of weekly plans you can save at a time.  Just change the name of the file each time you save it (i.e. PlanBookSept, PlanBookOct, etc.).

To use: In this file, there are blue boxes in Adobe Acrobat which show you where you can type in the information you want. Those blue boxes WILL NOT PRINT; it is just a visual representation of where you can type on the screen.

If you print this document you can hole punch the right side of page 1 and left side of page 2 so your pages fit side-by-side in a binder.  See page 2 of each set for a more detailed description of this.  Also, you can download the “Printing Tips” file (listed above) for FREE for additional printing help.

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**Printing problems?  Please click on “Printing Tips” at the top of this page for a document you can download which should assist you in making sure your printer does not cut off anything from the document!**



  1. Kelly K.

    I absolutely love this plan book! After handwriting my plans every year, this allows me to save my plans from year to year and then adjust as needed. No reinventing the wheel. Awesome product!

    • Classroom Canvas

      Hi! Thank you so much for your positive feedback! I am so glad that you have found it so helpful. I am keeping most of my plans electronically these days, too. It is a great way to stay organized and to save time from year to year! Happy planning!

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