Colorful & Organized!

I love when I can find easy ways to keep our classroom neat and organized! Isn’t it always amazing when you have one of those “why didn’t I think of that before” moments? For YEARS I had an old empty plastic bin where I would keep crayons for the students to use whenever they needed one. If someone found an “unclaimed” crayon around the room, we tossed it into the box and it quickly became a lost & found for our crayons. This system was great for that; however, there was a HUGE problem if someone wanted a *specific* crayon. Inevitably, the conversation would look like this:


ME: Why have you been standing by that box for 5 minutes?

STUDENT: Because I need a crayon.

ME: There are 50 million crayons in there. Just pick one.

STUDENT: But I need a RED crayon.

ME: And?

STUDENT: I can’t find one.

ME: {*sigh*} Can someone help him find a RED crayon?

{*30 students start running for crayon box*}

ME: ACK! NEVERMIND! I’ll help him.

{*me digging through crayon box… still searching…*}

{Secret Head Thought: *Why can’t I find a red crayon in this whole box??!!?? *sigh*}

ME: Can someone loan him a RED crayon, please?

{*30 students start running at him with a red crayon*}

**all directions for original activity have now been forgotten. Even by me.**


Are you like me?  Here’s the solution to that problem! TA DA!

Crayon Box

Now, the above conversation still happens (there ARE 26 seven & eight year olds in my room}; it’s just quicker! {And with less frustration from me!}

What simple organizational tool has helped YOU (and your students) in your room? I’d love to know!


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