Clock Bingo!

Learning how to tell time in a variety of ways is an important skill for students to learn. This game is a great way to help your students practice this skill (plus, they will LOVE it!) Please check out this item at my store!

This game can be used as a whole group activity (up to 30 players!) or as a center for a small group of students. It can even be used as an individual assignment and differentiated to meet a variety of student abilities.

How to use:

This activity can be used in typical “Bingo” fashion. After determining which version of “Clock” you want to play (see below), one person reads from the “Matching Cards” using the card to cover the corresponding number on the “Calling Card”. Students determine the correct answer and checks off the matching ones on their “Clock Bingo” cards.

This game has been set up for you to choose the level of difficulty or the objective you would like students to work on.

**All versions of the game can be played with the same Bingo (“Clock”) cards, saving you time, money & resources!!**

Digital Clocks: Students match the time on the digital clocks to the analog clocks on their Bingo cards.

Analog Clocks: Students read the analog clock and correctly match it to the ones on their Bingo cards.

Time in Words: Students need to read the words (i.e. quarter after six) and locate the correct time on their Bingo cards.

To prepare for the game, you can have students write the digital time in the spaces provided on their Bingo cards. This can help ensure accuracy during the game! Plus, it is a great way to check for student understanding!

Each activity has its own answer key so you can allow students to check their work as they go. You can differentiate the activity by allowing students to work on the concept that best fits their needs.

–>TWO different versions of this game are available. One uses times to the hour, half hour and quarter hour, while the other uses times to the five minutes. Are you interested in BOTH versions? Check out my store for the Clock Bingo Bundle!

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